Murud Taluka Supari Credit Society Ltd

It. is the only society in Murud Taluka which has 1361 members destined for progress of Betel nuts aka Areca nuts horticulturist and their products, operating from the past 7 decades. The credit society is established in 19th September 1938 by Late Ramchandra Balu Korlekar, Late Ramachandra Mahadeo Gurav, Late Gajanan Sahadeo Karbhari and Late Bhikaji Anant Chaulkar.

The Founder convinced Betel nuts horticulturist in Murud Taluka to sell their Areca nuts to Murud Taluka Supari Credit Society to get better price than any private Broker. Earlier these betel nuts owner get paid very little through loosely weight systems by brokers. In 1938 the transportation were base on mainly sea route. Initially only 22 members took Areca nuts at Mumbai bazaar by carrying nut sack overhead.

The members were determined enough to stay united in any conditions of Profit & Loss and divide it as equally. D. S. Pendse, J. A. Bhagat and S. L. Thakur helped society registration process under Princely Janjira State in India during British Raaj. Total 1361 active members in society where Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Christen etc. are associated with it and set up perfect example of Unity in Diversity is Murud Janjira Supari credit society. Society has consecutively securing Audit grade “B” in 2016-2017.

Today the society is 79 years old and has its 15 full time service persons who worked on daily wages of Rs. 70 to 80. Started with single building now the domain have expanded towards four building including HP gas Agency distributional center, fertilizers and Pesticide selling center on reasonable profit. Newly elected committee under chairmanship of Mr. Mahesh Harishchandra Bhagat is trying hard enough to get supreme most rate and profit for betel nuts.

The society has successfully organized cataract camp, Agricultural fest. Etc for public intrest. There are 1 different types of betel nuts according to the size and other characteristic which includes: Mohara-1, Mohara-2, Moti, Vachharas, ZINI, Phutor-1, Phutor-2, Phutor-3, Phoot-1, Phoot-2, Khoka-1, Khoka-2 etc.